Top 10 Tamil movies 2012

The list contains movies that were both critically and commercially big hits and also the value for money proposition is huge.

Let’s get started!

10. Naan


I had no hopes for this movie at the beginning, nut when it came out I was pleasantly surprised. The movie has essential thrills and edge of the seat sequences to keep you engaged for its full running time. The BGM and the songs were a big plus for this movie. Vijay Antony showed he had some decent acting skills. This movie was a surprise hit.

9. Thadaiyira Thaka


This movie is a rich, sophisticated and raw thriller that blew me away with its fast and furious screenplay. Arun Vijay is really an under rated actor and in this movie he was used to his utmost potential. The movie had a cute romantic track and some seriously delicious action scenes. This movie was also a surprise hit at the box office.

8. Oru Kal Oru Kanadi


When I heard that Udhayanidhi Stalin was in this movie I had my reservations, but OKOK was a really cute Comedy all because of Santhanam. Santhanam was amazing and the movie was a big hit solely because of him and him only. One more person to mention here was Harris Jeyaraj, thanks to his Venam machan Venam song this movie easily reached the nooks and corners of Tamil Nadu. This movie was the first Superhit.

7. Kalakalapu7

I was eagerly waiting for  this movie from the day the trailer was released solely because of Santhanam, Shiva, Vimal and Sunder C, and they did not disappoint me. It was rollicking fun with some serious laughter evoking comedy. This movie was the first and last hit for UTV this year.

6. Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Eppadi


First movie to start the short film to feature film trend in tamil cinema, well the movie was differently told and won the hearts of youngsters for sure. The Siddharth and Amala combination worked wonders along with the BGM for the movie. Balaji mohan proved he could make good movies with just a small concept told in a different way. The movie was a hit.

5 movies down and no big budget movie yet, well this was the trend this year, the biggies failed to impress.

Let us get into the top 5.

5. Naduvla Konjam Pakatha Kanom


Another new director, another brave attempt another hit. The movie was 3 hours long and you don’t get bored for even a second. Brave attempt by a brave young team and it really paid of, the second hit for the upcoming star Vijay Sethupathi this year.

4. Kumki


This movie came after the very successful Myna, obviously it had a huge hype surrounding it and it is doing really well at the box office to date. The green locations to the intense story line the movie was devoid of any major flaws. Kudos to Prabhu Solomon. The movie is on its way to be a superhit.

3. Thuppakki


It was a surprise for a big movie to be the dark horse this year. After the debacle of Billa 2, matran, Thandavam, Saguni, Mugamoodi no one had high hopes for the film other than Vijay’s ever loyal fans. Surprise! The movie was an excellent action thriller after a very long time and went on to become the third biggest hit ever and the sole Blockbuster.

2. Pizza


When I saw the trailer at the Cinema I could not get the genre of the film, I thought it was a thriller. But when the movie came out it started as romantic drama progressing to horror then moving to become a psychological thriller. This was a chameleon of a movie and was beatifully executed bu Karthick Subbaraj. Another movie by a new comer which was big hit and the first hit for Vijay Sethupati.

1. Naan E


The greatest entertainer of them all. Hit in all languages, liked by youngsters to elders, real family movie and kids love it. What else can you ask from a movie that had a fly as the hero. But the real hero was Sudeep who stole the show. A really enjoyable movie of this year and the second biggest hit of this year after thuppakki. A MUST WATCH. (if you are the few who haven’t watched it.


These are the few movies that missed the top ten list but were still good movies.

1. Neerparavai: Good movie but was bloated with too much content but still a clean movie.

2. Valaku Enn: I know you would be wondering why this movie did not make the top 10 list, it is simply because it lacked entertainment. But still an excellent movie that would go to win awards.

3. Nanban: Another good movie but a remake so it sits outside the list.

DISCLAIMER: This is only my view on this years tamil cinema. Again the list is solely based on Entertainment value of the movies.

You may have seen my top 10 on my blog, now you choose your favorite movies and vote for it. Voting for more than one movie is also allowed.


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